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Make Your Bathroom More Attractive with Bathroom Accessories Columbus

Bathroom Remodel Columbus OH is not limited to changing and moving things around; you can also add decorative bathroom accessories Columbus to spice up the place. Little details can boost the personality of the bathroom - making it look more attractive and aesthetic. Décor and accessories are additional major upgrades too. And if you’re worried about the costs, it’s not a problem. There are affordable options available to complete your bathroom with a fresh and stylish interior.

Bathroom remodel Columbus OH
  1. One Color

    Painting everything in one color is also applicable for bathrooms. Choosing one color makes things easier; the tonal appearance can look on-trend and visually appealing. The safest and most classy color is white; you can paint the faucets white to make your bathroom more interesting. If you can have a white kitchen, why not make your bathroom all-white as well.

  2. Noticeable hardware

    With your extra storage, you want to decorate it with eye-catching hardware. Installing rose gold or gold handle pulls will make your cabinets look a lot more expensive. And if you’re on a budget, instead of purchasing a marble countertop, you can simply buy an affordable marble tray good for stacking on items.

  3. Plants in bathrooms

    Bathroom accessories Columbus can also be plants – living or nonliving. If the corner of the room looks a lot empty or dull, you can get an indoor tree. A palm leaf tree can make your bathroom come to life and make it not look boring. If you can’t take care of plants, you can buy fake ones. There are plenty of artificial plants that really look alive and real. A vase of flowers or leaves can liven the place.

  4. A colorful rug

    To perk up the bathroom, you can break the dullness of the space with a colorful rug. It brings warmth, color, and texture to the room that makes it homier. If you have simple flooring, this is a good opportunity to make it lively.

  5. A metallic piece

    If you feel your bathroom lacks fancy vibes, adding metallic is a great idea. A metallic soap dish or a metallic stool can be added to make the space fancier and appeal more polished.

  6. Hanging a pendant light

    Pendant lights can be turned classic or modern - depending on your design preference. It adds charm to the whole area, and it is definitely a statement piece.

  7. Shelves

    Regardless of whether your bathroom is tiny or large, installing bathroom shelves Columbus is smart to keep unsightly clutter from being exposed. You can install a shelf above the toilet or sink or right under the countertop by Bathroom Countertops Columbus OH. If you have extra bucks, you can have customized cabinetry for a unique look.

  8. Spend on soap and towels

    Impressing guests is not a bad thing; in fact, spending on soap and towels adds a lavish detail in the bathroom. This simple thought is a good addition to making your bathroom look and feels expensive.

  9. The waste bins

    Waste bins are not just for trash; it’s also a bathroom décor Columbus. Matching your tissue box cover with a tasteful wastebasket ties a cohesive bathroom design. You can mix and match these items to bring balance into the room.

  10. Purchase a luxurious room scent

    The bathroom is prone to foul odor, and you should regularly clean up this part of the house. Putting up a deluxe fragrance does not only cancel out the smell but also make the users feel comfortable and fancy as they enter and smell the luxury scent.

Bathroom remodel Columbus OH

There are plenty more ideas and accessories to incorporate in your newly renovated bathroom. Adding bathroom accessories Columbus can help lift the remodel and take it to the next level. You don’t have to spend that much on decorating the whole space. You just need to have a keen eye for design. Be careful not to overdo the décor as it can look visually heavy when it is overly done.

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