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Bathroom Cabinets Columbus

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Types of Bathroom Cabinets Columbus

When renovating your bathroom, you should think of ways to preserve it. You need to enjoy the bathroom renovation that you have worked hard on. The last thing you want is for it to be messy and muddled. The solution for an organized bathroom is installing plenty of storage. With bathroom cabinets Columbus, you can store all your cleaning and bathroom supplies without having to leave them exposed.

For suitable storage, these are the types of cabinets for your bathroom:

  1. Fat style cabinets

If you want an elegant styling with a simple design and minimal hardware, flat style cabinets are best for you. Its details represent styles of a modern, contemporary, and industrial bathroom. It is usually made of wood or laminate that has plenty of colors and sheens to choose from. If you want a simple and affordable cabinet upgrade, flat style cabinets are perfect.

  1. Shaker style cabinets

Shaker style cabinets are one of the most popular styles of cabinetry. If you think it is only fit for your kitchen, it can also look sleek in your bathroom. Its clean lines and simple aesthetic can complement your choice of bold tile flooring. Shaker style cabinets are timeless; bathroom styles can go from traditional to contemporary.

  1. Thermofoil cabinets

Thermofoil is the process of vacuum sealing thin layers of vinyl or another type of plastic coating baked under high temperature. This type of cabinet is budget-friendly and easy to clean. It also has many colors to offer and it remains to be a popular cabinet style.

  1. Distressed style cabinets

If you’re into the shabby chic or farmhouse designs, distressed style bathroom cabinets Columbus would be suitable for your bathroom project. It is made to look weathered vintage to look chic and unique. Some homeowners like the rugged appearance by incorporating brushed metal accessories, crystal lighting, large glossy mirrors.

  1. Beadboard style cabinets

For some people who don’t like distressed cabinets but still want to complete their cottage style, shabby chic bathroom - beadboard style cabinets might be a better choice. It was traditionally used as a decorative wall treatment to add character to bare walls. Having this style for your cabinets would provide detailing and perfect colored accents that can make your bathroom stand out.

Bathroom Cabinets Columbus

     6. Louvered style cabinets

Louvered style cabinets best suit you if you require ventilation. For this style, the cabinets have slats that do not overlap, instead, placed near the next to create enough space for good airflow. It is timeless, and no doubt, functional – ideal for a spotless bathroom.

     7. Custom style cabinets

A lot of homeowners prefer to have custom-style cabinets since it features a more personalized design with their particular touches that reflect their taste. Custom style cabinets are built exactly what is preferred and specified where many details such as material, finish, and detailing is made according to the homeowner’s needs.

A messy bathroom full of clutter is an eyesore. It defeats the purpose of your bathroom that it should provide you peace and relief. If you can’t stand seeing things that weren’t put back from their proper places, hiding stuff in your bathroom cabinets Columbus is the best solution. It would keep your bathroom good as new and preserve the room's aesthetic appeal.

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