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Materials for Bathroom Countertops Columbus

Even a minor bathroom remodel can increase the return of investment when you sell the house. Beautiful bathroom countertops Columbus can attract potential house buyers since it boosts the whole room’s aesthetic appeal. When choosing the right material, demand for form and function will meet all users’ lifestyles, including the kids, the grandparents, the guests, the hot hair tools, and more.

Before choosing the material, ask yourself some of these questions to help you decide the ideal countertop material for your bathroom.

  • What is the style of your bathroom?

    One of the most significant factors to consider is matching the material with your bathroom’s design and style. Are you going for a traditional, country, modern, contemporary, Victorian, chic, or rustic bathroom style? Find more inspirations and look at as many designs as possible to know what really captures your taste. Match the countertop material to balance the bathroom’s character.

  • How do you use countertops?

    The bathroom is a very personal space. It should cater to your needs and bring you comfort. The countertop should be functional and hardwearing. If the household uses hot hair irons or tools, opt for heat-resistant countertops. Do consider a nonporous material to be safe when applying makeup, lotion, or putting in cologne. These products might stain a porous material.

  • Is it kid-friendly?

    If you have kids in the house, pick a material Bathroom Flooring Columbus OH that is non-porous so that it doesn’t harbor bacteria and does not stain. Bathroom countertops Columbus should be easy to clean as well.

  • Care and maintenance?

    If caring and maintaining is not an issue, you can select materials such as tile, marble, granite, and concrete. You should go for low maintenance for stainless steel, laminate, solid surface, resin, glass, and quartz.

Bathroom remodel Columbus OH
Bathroom remodel Columbus OH

Here are some pros and cons of each bathroom material.

  1. Tile – Cost per tile: $2 to $75


    • It is affordable
    • You can customize installation patterns
    • You can choose from a variety of colors and design patterns
    • It is heat, stain, scratch, water-resistant
    • Individual titles can be replaced
  2. Cons

    • It doesn’t add resale value to your home
    • It is not always on trend since it’s a more classic look
    • You need to maintain it by cleaning especially the grout lines, regularly
    • It can crack or chip off
  3. Solid surface – Cost per linear foot: $40 to $150


    • It adds value to your home
    • It is durable and low maintenance
    • It can be molded for any design customization
    • It is mold, stain, and mildew resistant
    • It is easy to clean
    • It can look like a real stone
  4. Cons

    • It can burn and scorch easily
    • It easily scratches
  5. Granite or Marble – Cost per linear foot: $50 to $200


    • Adds a sophisticated look since it is unique
    • It is attractive to potential buyers
    • It is long-lasting
    • It is scratch, heat, and humidity-resistant
  6. Cons

    • It is expensive
    • It requires Periodical re-sealing
    • Marble can stain and etch easily
  7. Quartz – Cost per linear foot: $60 to $250


    • It can look just as sophisticated as natural stone without the maintenance
    • Incredibly resistant to scratch, moisture, stains, and bacteria
    • It is ideal for specialized countertop edging
  8. Cons

    • It is also expensive
    • It shows fingerprints and smudges

Though there are always unexpected events, it is still important to plan. If you’re thinking of moving for the next few years, a cost-effective choice would be laminate or tile. But if you plan to live in your current address permanently, you should get the best value and quality material for your bathroom countertops Columbus.

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