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A Guide for Small Bathroom Designs in Columbus

A small bathroom can be a tough remodeling project, but you can go through the challenges without too much trouble and stress with clever bathroom designs in Columbus. A sound bathroom design should be practical but stylish, even if it’s the tiniest room. To maximize the space, make sure you are familiar with what you’ve got to work with. Be prepared if there are things on your wish list that didn’t make the cut because space is limited.

Bathroom remodel Columbus OH
Bathroom remodel Columbus OH
Bathroom remodel Columbus OH
  1. Embrace minimalism

    A small bathroom doesn’t have the space for entertaining crowded, large fixtures. Take a step back and only consider having the things you really need instead of filling your small bathroom with unwanted striking elements. Sticking with bare essentials like having few built-in bulky items can save you some floor space. Ideal small bathroom designs would only need a toilet, sink, storage, and a bath or shower.

  2. Wall-mounted fittings

    Wall-mounted sanitaryware is a smart move for small bathroom designs. It creates an illusion of a larger bathroom since you can see more flooring than a standing bulky vanity. Even wall-hung storage is an excellent idea to enhance your bathroom’s space.

  3. Have a frameless shower

    Compact bathrooms need to cut out a bulky shower tray and enclosure to give more illusion of a spacious room. It will reduce the visual clutter and allow light to flow and move around the room easily. Also, frameless walk-in showers provide a modern, luxurious appeal while being practical.

  4. Expand with floor tiles

    With a bright choice of floor tiles, it can make your small bathroom appear to be bigger. Fading, gradient color draws the eye to the end with the illusion that the room is drawn out and lengthy.

  5. Incorporate a light color scheme

    Bathroom designs in Columbus should be done effectively. If not done right, the lack of natural light can bring dark features forward that will be visually heavy for people to see. For an effective design, go for a pale scheme that matches a fitted sanitaryware that blends with the rest.

  6. Open shelving

    To avoid the ‘boxy’ feel in small bathrooms, open shelving is another effective solution. An unfitted feel can relax the eyes in a compact space. It offers enough storage while being stylish and attractive.

  7. Mirrors are your friends

    You can exaggerate space in a small bathroom with the right mirrors. It is the easiest trick to pull off when giving your bathroom an illusion of a spacious room. Simply hang a large mirror, and your bathroom will instantly feel more spacious. A round mirror can create a softer feel than a square one. To make your bathroom luxurious, a frameless mirror will do.

  8. Make sure the lighting is good

    You’ve never seen a small dark bathroom since a dark ambiance creates a compact feel. Ensuring that your bathroom has proper lighting and enough natural light will make your bathroom look larger.

  9. Don’t be afraid of patterns

    Since patterns are visually attractive, they can sometimes slim down space instead of making it look wider. But if you pick out appropriate wallpaper with enlarging patterns, you can turn an awkward bathroom into a sound, good-looking one. Choose bold patterns that can visually expand the room.

  10. Say goodbye to towel racks

    Instead of towel racks, install hooks on your small bathroom wall. Remove things that jut out since it can be visually heavy to look at. Towel racks stick out from the wall, and it is ideal for hanging towels on a mounted hook on the back of the door for small bathrooms.

You can easily enhance your small bathroom into looking a lot bigger than embracing a minimalist way of design. You just need to work with what you’ve got instead of buying and adding new things that could crowd the place. Learn more about effective ways of making your bathroom feel bigger with Bathroom Layout & Design Columbus OH

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