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A Guide for Choosing Your Bathroom Flooring Columbus

Changing the floor tiles in your bathroom can instantly transform the overall appearance of the space. You have abundant choices of design and colors available in the market. Depending on the tiles, it can visually expand a small space without extending your Master Bathroom Remodel Columbus OH or break walls. Selecting bathroom flooring Columbus is easy, but you must carefully pick what material to use and consider its quality.

For many parts of the house, when it comes to flooring, most people value appearance. But in the bathroom, it shouldn’t be. You have to choose a material that can perform under stress and lots of foot traffic. Your bathroom will always be wet; may it be humid, moisture, or water, it can quickly ruin the wrong type of flooring. If you’re only thinking about moisture, then ceramic tile for bathroom is the best option. However, there are many factors to consider, such as durability, appearance, costs, and ease of installation.

Bathroom remodel Columbus OH

To help you decide what bathroom flooring to get, consider this guide:

  1. Ceramic Tile

    If you want something that can do it all, ceramic tiles can be it. It is waterproof, cost-effective, and attractive. It can provide a rich, solid feeling where you can find wood and stone-looking ceramic tiles. It comes in different sizes with shapes from square, rectangular, octagonal, and many more edge types. You don’t have to worry about individually setting each for small mosaic tiles; you’ll find them pre-mounted on plastic mesh sheets.

    Not minding the grout lines, bathroom floor tiles are easy to clean. It is cold on the feet, but installing heated tiles can work. Just be careful since wet tiles tend to be slippery. But it can easily be resolved by adding texture.


    • You have many options for colors, patterns, and designs
    • It can work fine with radiant heating
    • You can easily clean the material with soap and water
    • Repair is easy
  2. Cons

    • Ceramic tiles are cold on the feet
    • It is hard to stand on foot for long periods
    • It looks common for many bathrooms
    • It is slippery
  3. Natural Stone

    If you have the extra budget, a natural stone for bathroom flooring Columbus can be desirable. However, marble, granite, limestone, and other stones may have a few moisture problems. You can bet on natural stone about how durable, hard, and aesthetic they are, but they can be very cold and slippery. You can have textured stone with sandblasting as a solution for the slip factor. And if you worry about the coldness, you can install radiant heating.


    • It could upscale your regular bathroom and increase the resale value
    • It is very hard and durable
  4. Cons

    • Natural stone can be one of the most expensive materials to use as flooring
    • If you’re planning to do it yourself can be difficult
  5. Vinyl Floors

    Vinyl flooring is considered to be one of the most practical options. It has been popular for decades since it is the best option for extreme water situations. The sheet vinyl comes in large sizes where you can choose from thousands of styles available.


    • It is 100 percent waterproof, ideal for children’s bathrooms
    • It is cost-effective
    • Vinyl floors are easy to install – perfect for do-it-yourself projects
    • If a floating vinyl comes up, it can easily be replaced
  6. Cons

    • It doesn’t have any resale value for the property
    • Bumps and gaps formed on underlayment can show to the surface
Bathroom remodel Columbus OH

Don’t use solid hardwood for your bathroom floors since it has no protection against moisture. The smallest drop can cause it to rot and ruin everything. Choose water and humidity resistant material that can stand up to splashes and spills. Great bathroom flooring Columbus is the key to a well-designed bathroom.

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