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12 Essential Elements to Help You Design Your Bathroom Layout Columbus

When designing a bathroom layout Columbus, update the floorplan that can last you a long time. Unless you can afford it, remodeling every five years is impractical. Design a layout that can adapt to you and your family’s needs. Just like your long-life partner, the bathroom should also “grow old with you.” You can do this by integrating the basic principles of universal design.

Universal design means that your home is accessible to all kinds of people, irrespective of their age, size, or ability. These are helpful principles that outfit your bathroom with elements that can make the room easier for everyone. Here are some of the elements to help you come up with smart bathroom layout ideas:

  1. You should expand the doorway

    Let’s start with the entrance/exit – the bathroom doorway. Instead of the usual 30-inch-wide doorway, make it 36 inches wide so that people with wheelchairs can easily pass through the entry into the bathroom.

  2. A bathroom on the main level

    Just like the doorway being wide enough for people with wheelchairs, you also need to have a full bathroom on the main level of your house to provide easy access for people of all ability levels.

  3. Adequate floor space

    Your bathroom should at least have five feet of open space. This is to allow people in wheelchairs to make a 180-degree turn if needed.

  4. Slip-resistant flooring

    You can save the marble flooring for another area in your house. For your bathroom, opt for slip-resistant Bathroom Flooring Columbus OH so that all users can move without worrying about slipping even on wet floors. Small mosaic tiles and large tiles can provide you a good grip.

  5. Taller Toilets

    Installing taller toilets of 16-inch models is ideal for users with limited flexibility to take a seat. Remember always to include each user; a tall toilet is accessible to all.

  6. Installing grab bars

    Even if you’re not that old and aged, safety is essential. Install grab bars to put all users safe and at ease. You can place grab bars beside or near the toilet and in the shower so that people can have something to hold onto to keep them stabilized.

  7. Shower bench add more functionality

    To improve your bathroom layout Columbus, a wide shower bench is not only good for sitting but can also be used to store bathing necessities.

  8. Let there be lights

    Lighting is one of the essential elements in any house. Adding adequate lighting in the entry, vanity, and shower areas illuminate these parts for the users’ convenience.

  9. Floating vanity or wall-mounted sinks

    It not only makes your bathroom sleek and modern but also functional for all– even those in wheelchairs. When using the sink, users can easily tuck their feet beneath the unit for more legroom.

  10. Different storage places

    Perfect for a small bathroom layout, instead of the typical shelving, you can outfit your bathroom with a between-the-studs option.

  11. A walk-in shower

    Besides making a striking style statement, a walk-in shower with no lip marking allows users in wheelchairs to go in and out not - making it hard.

  12. Towels should be accessible

    It is annoying to grasp over far-reaching towels, especially for those with limited mobility. Hang towel hooks next to the shower to make it accessible for all.

Bathroom remodel Columbus OH
Bathroom remodel Columbus OH

Remember, your bathroom renovation design should last for many years. By embracing these essential elements of the universal design: you can make your bathroom convenient and comfortable for all types of users. If you need more ideas for your bathroom layout Columbus, you can discuss with your contractor more principles that you need to incorporate in your bathroom remodel.

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