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Your Bathroom Remodeling Columbus Checklist

An excellent way to refresh your bathroom is by having bathroom remodeling Columbus OH. Before you worry about expenses, you can always think of motivating ways to make affordable choices. You just have to do more research and work with a trusted professional to help you make smarter decisions.

Refer to this simple checklist and prepare for your bathroom remodeling Columbus OH:

  1. List priorities and expectation of the remodel

  2. Set your budget and make a list of costs

  3. Decide on your color scheme and design

  4. Canvas materials and source permits

  5. Plot logistics

  6. Expect obstacles and be prepared

  7. Make a timeline and schedule of the project

  8. Be creative and think outside the box

Your bathroom design resonates with your taste; it can make impactful changes to your life if you have an adequately renovated bathroom. This space should provide your morning and evening routines better traffic and give you comfort.

Bathroom remodel Columbus OH

Here’s a more comprehensive checklist you should consider for your renovation project:

  1. Budget

    The outcome of your bathroom remodel will depend on your budget. The truth is remodeling projects are expensive, and you should be careful not to make mistakes. Mistakes will lead you to spend more. You can check out materials and amenities’ price tags to get a hold of what costs to expect.

    For a secondary or guest bathroom, the renovation’s estimated total cost is $25,000 to $40,000, while a master bathroom has an estimated cost of $40,000 to $55,000. It’s not exactly the price for all bathrooms since not all rooms are the same.

    Some variations and factors impact costs, so take note of that. It is essential to make informed decisions to enable you to achieve and prioritize what you want to get the most for this remodel.

  2. Hire a contractor

    Bathroom remodels are not simple; though you can do it yourself, hiring a professional could save you more than you thought. There are delicate and complex details that need to be handled by an expert like plumbing lines, electrical wiring, and such. Entrusting your bathroom remodeling Columbus to a knowledgeable Bathroom Contractors Columbus OH will assure you that you’ll have the bathroom that you desire.

  3. Timeframe

    Even for a small-sized bathroom, remodeling takes time. It takes just as many steps and requirements as renovating bigger ones. You can expect the project to run for around 12 weeks. It takes six weeks to finish the design phase and the other half to complete the construction.

    1 to 6 weeks

    • Finalizing plans and rendering
    • Ordering of materials
    • Getting permits
  4. 7 to 12 weeks

    • Demolition
    • Installation
    • Final inspection
  5. Permits

    Before any sledgehammer hits your bathroom wall, you’ll need to secure a building permit from the city. It is wise to have licensed plumbers and electricians as well. Also, your bathroom might be required to be tested for lead and asbestos. If it tests positive, expect additional expenses for the extraction.

  6. Layout and Functionality of the room

    For the bathroom design, all users must be involved so that their needs can also be part of the renovation to enhance and solve any functionality issues. Also, don’t forget to think about the future as you might sell your house. Make sure the design can be timeless since many trends come and go. Envision the flow of your home that can go and match the rest of your house’s design.

  7. Measurements

    Bathroom remodels have limitations, and one of them is the dimension of fixtures to be used. You probably don’t need an oversized bathtub in your guest bathroom; make smart decisions by selecting materials that work within your space.

Bathroom remodel Columbus OH

There are plenty of aspects involved to go through a bathroom remodeling Columbus Ohio. You still have cabinets, sinks, tiles, walls, and flooring to think about. It is recommended to have an expert with you to guide you step by step. In this way, you’ll effectively accomplish your bathroom remodel and have fewer chances of unwanted renovation problems.

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