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Costs of Bathroom Renewal Columbus

Whether you’re renewing a small-sized bathroom or the master bathroom, renovating is expensive. But don’t get discouraged; there are plenty of ways to cut some costs while not giving away the bathroom Remodeling Columbus you have pictured in mind. According to online sources, you can achieve the makeover you’ve been wanting with costs ranging from $6,500 to $70,000. Renovations always depend on factors; there’s no one-price-fits-all. You can get estimates from your bathroom’s square footage, labor, fixtures, and amenities.

For a partial bathroom remodel, expect to pay $3,000 to $10,000. This already includes new tiles, toilet, and sink. On average, a 40 square foot bathroom or a small bathroom remodel can cost you $6,500. An upscale remodel would cost you up to $70,000. A larger room requires more materials, fixtures, and features.

If you’re wondering what’s the most expensive part of the remodel, there are two things: moving the location of plumbing and replacing the vanity. Changing the bathroom layout would mean relocation of the toilet, sink, or bathtub, which would require a professional plumber. On the other hand, vanities can cost $1,300 to $1,800. A more high-end option like a double vanity built with a white marble top and a manufactured wood base can cost you $2,800.

Bathroom remodel Columbus OH

Other materials and features that affect cost:

  • Toilet – price varies depending on aspects such as the rough-in or the distance from the wall to the floor drain, height, water efficiency, round or elongated bowl, and if you’d want to add some features like a bidet toilet seat.

    Cost: $100 to $1,000

  • Faucets – decide on the type of sink you have to match the faucet’s look. Will the faucet be wall-mounted or touchless? For a less expensive finish, opt for Chrome instead of brushed nickel, matte black, or antique bronze that will only cost you more.

    Cost: $130 to $380

  • Countertops – if you really want to cut costs, choose prefabricated countertops over natural stone. Solid surface materials can imitate the look of natural stone and withstand mold and mildew.

    Cost: $300 to $3,800

  • Shower – you can add a basic pressure balance valve and shower set to your bathroom renewal Columbus. Shower valve systems allow you to control water temperature, pressure, and sprays. You can also include a glass sliding shower door to replace your rod and shower curtain.

    Cost: $700 to $800

  • Walls and Floor tiles – natural stone and porcelain are commonly used in bathrooms. Price varies depending on the material; you can choose from many more options like ceramic, glass, china, or mirror tiles.

    Cost: $860 to $2,730

  • Bathtub – Alcove tubs are the most common type of bathtubs. Adding integrated grab bars and jets will cost you more.

    Cost: $400 to $4,000

Bathroom remodel Columbus OH

How to maximize your budget

Bathrooms are the most functional room in your house; it needs to exemplify comfort and relief. To save more on your budget, here are some dos and don’ts:

  • DO Spend on new floors

    Most of the time, people walk barefoot in their bathrooms. Entering dirty shoes leaves dirty footmarks that are icky and yucky. If you think of remodeling, change your flooring. You can replace it with tile for easier cleanup and floor maintenance.

  • DO Spend on new hardware

    This is most applicable to houses with hard water to replace sinks and shower faucets because of metal corrosion. Add a decorative mirror to coordinate with the new look.

  • DON’T be afraid of technology

    If you can’t afford a talking toilet worth $10,000, you can still make your bathroom “high-tech” with steam showers, heated floors, Bluetooth mirrors, or wall-mounted televisions that can bring your bathroom to a higher level.

  • DON’T skimp on labor

    Always leave the complicated tasks to the professionals, don’t make it worse by doing it all yourself. It pays to find a first-rate contractor to manage the operations. Meet with at least three contractors and don’t immediately go with the lowest bid. Do background checks on each and read reviews about their previous works.

Bathroom remodel Columbus OH

You deserve something new and fresh in your life, and having a bathroomremodelscottsdalebathroom renewal Columbusbathroomremodelscottsdale would bring a breath of fresh air. It would make you want to spend more time in the bathroom and make you enjoy your alone time with peace and serenity. With Columbus Ohio bathroom renovation, you don’t need a vacation; you probably just need a long warm bath to calm you down.

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