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Bathroom Remodel Columbus

A whole new level of bathroom experience is in store for you after you remodel your old bathroom. Let Bathroom Remodeling Columbus OH do the honors of giving your home the best bathroom there is in Ohio.

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All About Bathroom Vanity Columbus

Bathroom vanity Columbus can elevate and convert your space to have a more impactful overall look. Choosing the right one can put you in a pickle, but if you know your stuff well, you’ll be able to decide easily. Don’t just aim for the aesthetic appeal, but also weigh out functionality features to get the best out of the countertops.

You need to know a few rules when choosing the vanity. Make economic decisions by not leaving out the comfortability aspect behind. Before buying a bathroom vanity, keep these in mind:

  1. Work with your bathroom size

    Aside from planning with the exact physical dimensions or the areas, its visual appearance in size matters too. Does your bathroom appear to be wide, narrow, or open? The first thing you see in the room that catches your attention is the visual weight and whether it takes up too much space in the room. A mismatched piece can take up a large space of the bathroom, even if it’s just an influence of perception. It is ideal to choose a vanity that can accent the existing lines.

  2. The plumbing location

    It is essential to consider the sink and faucets’ pipelines since changing the plumbing location can add labor costs. If you plan on rerouting the plumbing, the vanity must still fit in near the surrounding pipes. Working with the original plumbing can save you more from the cost of having a contractor to reroute the water lines and a plumber to execute the job. Finding the right vanity to fit the existing plumbing layout cuts on the overall remodel time to complete the project.

  3. The space available

    Don’t place the vanity in spaces that will disrupt foot traffic or block access to the toilet. Placement is essential, especially if you’re working with a tiny bathroom. As much as possible, think of convenience and avoid uncomfortable instances like opening a cabinet that will block something else. When buying a bathroom vanity Columbus, think of plumbing location, possible obstacles, and foot traffic.

Bathroom remodel Columbus OH
Bathroom remodel Columbus OH

The bathroom vanity styles

After considering the three aspects above, you can now find the ideal style for your bathroom. To pick the right one, opt for functionality designs and what best complements the whole look of the space.

  • Freestanding vanity

    A freestanding vanity installation provides more sturdy storage options other than having just a sink with it. It allows you to have the freedom to design it according to your will with their self-supporting structure. It can be a useful countertop with many storage solutions like drawers, cabinets, and cupboard cubes. Choose the Bathroom Countertops Columbus OH perfect for organizing your belongings.

  • Wall-mounted vanity

    Popular for its simple features, a wall-mounted vanity is anchored or mounted on the wall to give you a clean, modern look. It can easily add and open up the visual space of the entire room.

  • Corner vanity

    If you have a small bathroom, look for a space-saving corner bathroom vanity with sink. Having this concept in your tiny bathroom can widen the cramped layout and give you more floor area for easy foot traffic.

The bathroom vanity sinks

How many sinks should you have? A single vanity is ideal for smaller bathrooms with only one sink ranging from 24” to 61” in width. On the other hand, double vanity has two sinks and is wide enough for two people to use it at the same time. Also, think of the height of the sinks since it is one of the most significant elements to bring comfort to the bathroom users.

Always get the highest value for the whole room. Consider vanity’s usage to meet the needs of all users. Bathroom vanity Columbus is packed with options and features to make your everyday routine more convenient and comfortable.

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