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Bathroom  Remodel Ideas in Columbus

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Bathroom  Remodel Ideas in Columbus

You don’t need to spend a fortune to achieve the bathroom of your dreams. There are budget-friendly bathroom remodel ideas in Columbus that can make your bathroom look like it came from one of those home décor magazines. It may look unattainable, but an affordable bathroom renovation is possible without making it look cheap. Don’t be shaken by high renovating costs; just think outside the box and look for economic alternatives to make smarter decisions. You would feel grand after your low-cost, clean, and functional bathroom remodels while still having more money in your wallet than homeowners who went the expensive path. 

The following are inexpensive ideas to help you save on bathroom remodeling costs:

  1. Designing the bathroom yourself

Though bathroom designers are essential, if you’ve done enough research and own the skills for doing remodeling projects, you can design your own bathroom by yourself. It will save you lots of money since designers are costly. But don’t be overconfident that you can do everything yourself; you should still hire a contractor to help you with the decisions in the bathroom project. He can also provide you with smart economic bathroom remodel ideas in Columbus for more options. 

  1. Purchase affordable lookalike materials

If your bathroom floors are a bit old and worn out, you can purchase lookalikes instead of buying the expensive, real thing. Rather than having actual wooden planks, opt for luxury vinyl flooring since it resembles high-cost materials in perspective. 

For countertops, laminate and quartz materials compete with granite for the look of a natural stone. Ceramic and porcelain tile can mimic the look of marble. 

  1. Paint over your wood flooring

If you don’t have the money and time at the moment, you can simply make your floors better and brighter by applying protective enamel paint. Solid hardwood is a poor choice since it cannot withstand moisture; however, if you do have one, enamel paint can help. 

  1. New hardware for fresh cabinetry 

Buying and installing new cabinets will cost more than just getting rid of the old hardware and replacing it with something fun and new. You can just paint your cabinets and install the new hardware to freshen up the area. 

  1. Don’t use too many tiles

Limit the number of tiles installed in your bathroom makeover as tiles can get expensive, mainly when your contractor lays it all out. Just focus on high-impact areas like the shower stall walls and floor area instead of having the whole walls and floors tiled. Have different flooring for the rest. 

An upgrade doesn’t have to be expensive; with the right materials and affordable alternatives, you’ll be able to complete your bathroom remodel by saving bucks. And aside from the ideas given, there are several more ways to keep the costs low.  Like painting portions of the interior, doing it yourself is one of the most inexpensive bathroom remodel ideas in Columbus. Don’t lose hope; an attractive, comfortable bathroom is achievable even if you’re on a tight budget.

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