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Mirrored Bathroom Columbus

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Ideas for Mirrored Bathroom Columbus

The perfect mirror is the finishing touch to your bathroom remodel. Mirrored Bathroom Columbus can widen and brighten up space. It is functional yet decorative, and all you need to figure out is what mirror to get. Luckily, there are plenty of bathroom mirror ideas for any bathroom style, whether you have a sleek, modern bathroom or a traditional chic one. 

Here are some bathroom vanity mirrors to help you find the perfect one to sparkle up the room:

        1. A mirrored wall If you don’t want to overthink things, you can just have the whole wall mirrored. If you can’t decide with the overwhelming mirror shapes, sizes, and frames, a huge mirrored wall is worth the shot. With this, your tiny bathroom will feel bigger and brighter than before.

        1. Double bathroom mirrors

        A double vanity can mean double mirrors. Two mirrors over a long sink can add impact to the area. It can break the dullness and add symmetry to the whole bathroom.

        1. Rounded mirrors

        A safe and classic choice is having round mirrors in your bathroom. If you feel like the room is already edgy and visually too sharp, soften it up by placing round mirrors. A modern hanging style or a round mirror with a striking frame can balance the sharp angles present in the room. 

        1. Gilded mirrors

        Gilded mirrors are perfect for that fancy feels you’ve been aiming for. A mirrored surface with a gilded frame adds warmth and elegance to even casual, simple bathrooms. 

        1. A minimalist mirror

        For minimalist lovers out there, a simple frameless mirror can fit your bathroom’s streamlined design. If you still want a frame, go with a slim border to still achieve a minimal look.

        1. Mirrors with backlighting

        A simple mirror can be upscaled with a glamorous addition of backlights. Or you can purchase mirrors with built-in lights perfect for doing makeup and seeing your face in detail. Choose soft and not harsh lights or fluorescent. 

        1. Folded corner mirrors

        Corners can feel a little awkward at times, and installing a folded mirror can break the ice. It is ideal for small bathrooms and people who want a beautiful, unique corner wall design that functions as a mirror.

        Mirrored Bathroom Columbus

          If you still can’t decide which mirror to get, ask yourself these questions:

          How many mirrors do I need?

          For a spacious room, a double mirrored bathroom Columbus is perfect for providing an even wider and brighter feeling. You can still use a single long mirror to elongate your double vanity. For a small bathroom, you want to emphasize the width to create a spacious illusion; a single, wide mirror can do the trick.

          What shape and size should it be?

          Mirrors usually come in different sizes and shape like round or circular, square or rectangular, even geometric shapes for a modern appeal. Just choose a suitable mirror for the bathroom’s ambiance and aesthetic by not leaving the wall behind it.

          Take note:

          • Round mirrors soften the room and allow more wall surface to peek through, perfect for fascinating wallpaper or tile to show off.

          • Rectangular mirrors are more on the functional side, perfect for a modern minimalistic bathroom look.

          • Geometric mirrors are best for adding visual interest or if you want an outstanding decorative element in your bathroom.

          The placement is relatively important as the shape and style of the mirrored bathroom Columbus. It depends on many factors such as the mirror’s size and shape, the height of the vanity, the height of the ceiling and light, and significantly the users’ height. It is ideal for hanging the mirror that is at eye-level for most users in the household. Hang it above the faucet a few inches higher so that splashes would be avoided.

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